About the team

Dr Jerry Altman

I’m Jerry Altman, one of the co-founders of this awesome new earbud. I’m an ear, nose, and throat doctor, and I’m actually completely deaf in my left ear. So it’s not surprising that I’m pretty anxious to preserve the hearing in my right ear!

Because I typically use earbuds six days of the week, I need to be careful. And aside from the uncomfortable pinching and pressure my old earbuds gave me, my bigger concern was the fact that I noticed how much I kept upping the volume on my phone or tablet to cover all the background noise that was seeping in.

I worried about the effects of my ever-increasing volume settings, but at the same time, I wanted to hear clearly!

Dr. Amy Shah

I’m Amy, I am double board certified in internal medicine and Allergy Immunology. (It shouldn’t be surprising that SoundMolds are hypoallergenic!)

Wellness is one of my major interests in medicine – so that's why I jumped at the idea of custom earbuds that could help me block out sound, help me listen to something while I fall asleep, and enhance my workouts and productivity.

When Jerry first told me about the idea of custom ear buds- I was skeptical but I can say that it has completely changed my life!

Jerry and I wanted to cut out the middleman of getting these amazing custom your molds. We think it should be easy and available to everyone who wants them

About soundmolds

Refusing to accept that the “one-size-fits-all” model was our only option, we started doing some research.

As we explored potential solutions, we found that professional musicians and elite consumers had access to a unique (and very cool!) type of earbud that stayed put - and comfortable - hour after hour. It was a custom-molded device they had to order through their audiologist. Like a pair of glasses or tailored suit, they went in to get fitted, paid a ridiculous sum, and after waiting several weeks or months, got the earbuds of their dreams.

Amy and I liked the idea of a custom fit, but we didn’t like the idea of having to make a special audiologist appointment, waiting several weeks, or the fact that these awesome earbuds were only available to a select wealthy few who thought nothing of shelling out thousands.

And that’s what led to this product!

We feel like EVERYONE (not just celebrities or the ridiculously rich) should have access to great earbuds that are comfortable, stay put, last a long time, and will actually reduce the potential for long-term hearing loss.


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